Hemochron Response Whole Blood Coagulation System

The Hemochron Response Whole Blood Coagulation System is a dual-well microprocessor controlled testing instrument that offers an extensive menu for monitoring anti-coagulation therapy. Combined with the RXDX® Dosing system module, it can provide information for patient dosing, leading to improved outcomes and improved blood utilization.


  • Gold Standard ACT Tube technology provides confidence in results
  • Comprehensive point-of-care coagulation menu standardizes testing and improves efficiencies
  • Dual test well capabilities for heparin dosing protocols and improved patient management
  • Enhanced data management features to assist with regulatory compliance

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Test menu

  • Celite® Activated Clotting Time (ACT)
  • Kaolin ACT
  • Glass Particulate Activated ACT
  • Heparin Response Test (HRT)
  • Protamine Response Test (PRT)
  • Protamine Dose Assay (PDAO)


CLSI Formatted Procedures

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Response CLSI Procedure (ITC)


  • Room temperature storage
  • Sample Size: 0.4 mL to 2.0 mL (assay dependent)
  • Fresh whole blood or citrated blood sample
  • Barcoded test tubes support storage and tracking of test, lot and expiration date


Tube Monitors Tube Color
HRFTCA510 Heparin
P214 Low levels of heparin
R-HRT480P (celite)
R-480PK (kaolin)
Heparin response
R-PRT200 (celite)
R-PRT200K (kaolin)
Protamine response at low to moderate
levels of heparin
R-PRT400 (celite)
R-PRT400K (kaolin)
Protamine response at high levels of heparin
PDAO (celite)
PDAOK (kaolin)
Verification of heparin neutralization



  • Extensive point-of-care coagulation test menu
  • Results displayed as whole blood, plasma equivalent, or INR (for PT assay)
  • Two test wells
  • On-board, internal printer
  • Large, easy to read, illuminated display screen
  • Data storage, including 600 patient tests per well and 300 Quality Control (QC) tests per well
  • Stores Operator and Patient Identification numbers
  • Operator lockouts and QC lockout capabilities
  • Stores data and connects to most POC data management systems



Liquid Quality Control:

ITC offers whole blood quality controls for use with the Hemochron tube assays.

  Liquid Quality Control     Applicable Tube  
QCACT Hemochron Kaolin and Celite ACT (HRFTK and HRFTCA510)
DCP214-N Hemochron P214 – Level 1
DCP214-A Hemochron P214 – Level 2
RQCHRT Hemochron Heparin Response test tubes (R-HRT480P and R-HRT480PK)
RQCPRT Hemochron Protamine Response (R-PRT200, PRT200K, R-PRT400, R-PRT400K, PDAO, and PDAO)


Interface connectivity available through:

  • AegisPOC™
  • RALS®-Plus