Avoximeter 1000E Whole Blood Oximeter

Avoximeter 1000E Whole Blood Oximeter provides rapid, accurate Oximetry assessment for the Cardiac Catheterization Lab.


  • Assists with diagnosing and detecting intracardiac and great vessel shunts
  • Measures and displays differences in oxygen (O2) saturation between anatomical sites
  • Ideally suited to trend "Step-Ups" in O2 saturation while advancing catheters in right heart procedures
  • Download free OxyReview™ report generator software (19.2 MB)

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Test menu

  • Fractional Oxygenation Saturation
  • O2 Content
  • Total Hemoglobin Concentration
  • Estimated Oxygen Uptake
  • Cardiac Output (Systemic blood flow)
  • Cardiac Index
  • Stroke Index


Avoximeter 1000E Implementation Guide


  • Single-use cuvettes for maintenance-free convenience
  • Room temperature storage with no expiration date
  • Easy to use, no sample preparation
  • Supports blood conservation, requires only 50 µL


General Specifications:

Technology Multi-wavelength spectrophotometer
Sample Volume 50 µL
Sample Type Whole blood
Analysis Time Less than 10 seconds per sample


Measurement and Operating Ranges:

Measurement Operating Range Accuracy Precision CPT Code
Fractional O2 Saturation 0-100% 1% 0.5% 82810
Total Hemoglobin
(tHb, g/dL)
4-25 <10 = 0.35;
>10 = 0.45
0.3 85018
Oxygen Content
0-35 N/A N/A N/A




Quality Control:

  • Convenient optical quality control
  • Liquid Quality control performed using RNA Medical Controls. For detailed information, visit RNA® Medical Controls



Interface connectivity available through:

  • AegisPOC™
  • RALS®-Plus
  • PrecisionWeb®/SYBASE®