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November 9, 2016

New Accriva Branded Packaging

We are excited to introduce our new rebranded packaging for all of your favorite Accriva products, replacing the packaging design used by former ITC and Accumetrics. The labels and packaging have been updated with the Accriva company name, logo and address, and a new design to showcase our updated corporate image.

The revised labeling also includes these beneficial features:

· Color coded labels to help identify tests/products for the Hemochron and Incision product lines.

· Label placement so that product information is viewable from two different sides of the box (based on survey feedback from hundreds of our customers).

· New, sturdier boxes designed for long-term cold storage and to withstand long distance shipments.

· The new boxes were also custom design-tested to eliminate the need for wasteful shrink wraps.

We hope you share our excitement of the new Accriva branded packaging and if you have any questions regarding the change, please don’t hesitate to contact the Technical Support team at 1-858-263-2502 or

Read the official notification letter by clicking here.