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November 19, 2015

Spanish Webinar: Ensayos de Drogas Antiplaquetarias en los Procedimientos Neurointervencionistas: ¿Dónde Estamos?

For our international customers, a Spanish language version of Dr. Josser Delgado’s webinar “Ensayos de drogas antiplaquetarias en los procedimientos neurointervencionistas: ¿Dónde estamos?” was presented on October 28, 2015. This session is the Spanish presentation of Dr. Delgado’s webinar that was held on August 19, 2015 entitled “Anti-Platelet Therapy Testing for Neurointerventional Procedures…Where are We Now?”. Dr. Delgado is a highly regarded Neurointerventionalist at the Neuroscience Institute at Abbott Northwestern HospitalWatch the recorded webinar below or click here.