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July 28, 2014

LifeHealth™ Announces Acquisition of IRMA TruPoint® Product Line

Accriva Diagnostics® and LifeHealth Jointly Announce Worldwide Exclusive Distribution Agreement

ROSEVILLE, MN – LifeHealth, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of the IRMA TruPoint Blood Analysis System. LifeHealth plans to continue to build on the foundation of the IRMA TruPoint product line and continue the development of its proprietary new measures that the Company believes will have a significant impact on improving health.

The IRMA TruPoint system was the first device to bring laboratory grade blood gas analyses to the patient bedside and continues to offer an accurate and reliable menu of blood analytes. With room temperature stored single-use analysis cartridges, the IRMA TruPoint system is an accurate, low maintenance device with international appeal. The system measures a wide variety of the most critical and highest test volume parameters for use in a multitude of distributed patient care settings. The system's test menu includes blood gases, electrolytes and additional clinical chemistry test panels that are delivered within two minutes with lab quality accuracy.

In addition to the IRMA TruPoint product line, the acquisition gives LifeHealth a fully staffed world-class manufacturing and R & D facility and a foundation of business that will propel LifeHealth forward. LifeHealth has been developing a proprietary advanced point-of-care panel of analytes that will have major health implications. The acquisition provides the commercial infrastructure to bring this new measure to market efficiently.

Mike Sinsheimer, CEO of LifeHealth, commented, "We are very pleased to acquire such meaningful assets and expertise, which allows us to advance our objective of providing diagnostic technology that helps save lives and improve the quality of care in urgent settings. We are also pleased that our sales partner, Accriva Diagnostics will continue selling the product line, which should ensure a smoother transition of ownership for all of our customers and international distributors." Scott Blomberg, President and COO of LifeHealth, added, "As one of the early members of the pioneering IRMA TruPoint team and the leader of the LifeHealth development efforts, I am pleased to bring these two teams together to form one highly capable organization. We are excited to leverage the strengths of the IRMA TruPoint product line and the new LifeHealth analytes to provide better diagnostic information to clinicians."

Scott Cramer, CEO and President of Accriva Diagnostics, stated, "We are happy that this transaction enables our former employees at the IRMA facility in Roseville, Minnesota to be a part of a company that is focused on enhancing the IRMA TruPoint product line, while Accriva can now direct all of our development resources to our core hemostasis management diagnostic products."

Contact information:
Scott Blomberg, President and COO

Lifehealth, LLC

Founded in 2008, LifeHealth, LLC is dedicated to the point-of-care diagnostics market by providing products that enable early disease detection to improve human health. Our philosophy is that early detection is the most effective way to improve the quality of human life and to reduce the cost of care. The Company's first commercial product line is the IRMA TruPoint Blood Analysis System, the world's first point-of-care product line for measuring blood gases, which LifeHealth acquired in 2014. For over two decades, this system has been at the forefront of providing instant critical lab results to clinicians. The system has delivered quality clinical performance since its inception. LifeHealth is developing additional novel proprietary assays to further advance public health. These new developments and improvements promise to change the standard of cardiovascular screening and disease monitoring worldwide.

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Accriva Diagnostics

Accriva Diagnostics is the result of ITC's 2013 acquisition of Accumetrics. The combined strengths in coagulation monitoring (ITC) and platelet testing (Accumetrics) have created a leading point-of-care diagnostic company. The Accriva portfolio of products represent over 40 years of leadership and expertise in hemostasis management, including the development, manufacturing and marketing of Hemochron®, InRhythm™ and ProTime® Microcoagulation systems; the VerifyNow® system for assessment of platelet reactivity; Avoximeter®CO-Oximetry systems; Tenderfoot®, Tenderlett® and Surgicutt® skin incision products. Accriva is a portfolio company of Warburg Pincus, a global private equity firm focused on growth investing.

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